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Audiovisual artist creating sounds and sights through music production, live DJ sets, projection mapping and live visuals (VJ) elevating dancefloors to a higher level!

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Having always been an animator and filmmaker, the start for making awesome visuals was already there. After having started VJing live events eversince his first festival experience, he is now regular VJ at for example; Ruigoord in Amsterdam. Grown up making music whenever and with whatever possible, and after beeing deeply facinated with electronic music it was only a matter of time before the journey as a producer and DJ started aswell.
The combination of self-produced music and visuals, all mixed live is a combination for something truly unique and powerful. As the two synergize together to lift the dancefloor to a higher level it becomes something of its own... something Ineffable.



  • 20-27 July 2023 Idhana-a-Nova, Portugal (VJ)
    Boom Festival

    It is a tremendous honour to be VJing live at the mothership of all Psychedelic Festivals; Boom!

  • 27-30 July 2023 Ruigoord, NL (VJ)
    Landjuweel Festival (50th Anniversary)

    The 50th Anniversary of Ruigoord will be celebrated with an unmatched edition of their biggest Landjuweel Festival!

  • 23-27 August 2023 Leeuwarden, NL (DJ&VJ)
    Psylan Festival 2023

    After the massive succes of the first edition last year, This year we'll come back bigger than ever with the new edition of the Psylan Festival! This Festival means a lot to me as it is the festival where the Ineffable Journey truly kicked-off! This year I have the honour to open the mainstage! on thursday the 24th at 14:00. Get ready for Lift-off!

To be continued...
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